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Working pro-actively, not re-actively


  • Panicked computer repair a thing of the past
  • Never stressing about lost computer files and data again
  • I.T Support that shows up when they say they will - guaranteed

Using our computer services, we rescue small to medium-sized business that are tired of inefficient computer systems, staff downtime, lost productivity, and I.T. experts speaking in techno babble while focusing purely on fire fighting - that is, you break it, we fix it.

That's why our unique computer services and I.T. support is focused on prevention, prevention, prevention.

Imagine how much easier, cheaper, faster and less stressful it is to avoid computer repair in the first place!


The team at 1800ITNERD are always looking to improve and provide the services that our clients need. If you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we will ...- Specials Services